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In anticipation of summer harvests

Is it just me, or is anyone else rubbing their hands in anticipation of holding their first spud of the year. Or even a courgette? Yes, I know within weeks the latter will become a glut and

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Watering Tips
■ DO prioritise newly planted trees and bushes. In the first year, until a good root system is established, regular watering is essential. ■ DO water gently – if the water is applied too quickly, it just runs off and doesn’t go down to the roots. Mou
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Cooking With Beans
Beans shelled from their pods are not just a casserole crop – they are highly versatile, particularly if you grow different varieties yourself. First you have the opportunity to use them freshly shelled, like peas, when they have just plumped out but
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On The Veg Patch
Plants are in full flower in early August and you should have plenty of beans to pick and enjoy before the month is out. Flowers can be slow to set pods in dry weather and it helps to lightly dampen pollen with a fine mist of water. Some beans can gr