Human beings have been inventing things since we first stood up – arrows to catch prey, axes to chop it up. The wheel. The printing press. Steam power.

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Woodrow Phoenix
What were your favourite comics as a kid? I read anything and everything when I was a kid. The more strips the merrier! Funny strips, action, romance, science fiction... I was particularly fascinated by a old book of golf comics for some reason. I t
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GUEST EDITOR Sylvia Arthur
Tell us a little about your work . . . I own a small library called Libreria, in Accra, the capital of a country called Ghana, which is in West Africa. I have over 2,000 books and I lend them to people who also like to read. It’s great because you ge
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The Politics Of Afro Hair
On 3 July 2019, the state of California signed the CROWN Act into law. Its purpose? To protect its citizens from discrimination based on their natural hair. This new law prohibits workplaces and schools from enforcing policies against particular hai