Dirt Action


Dan Milner is one of the best enduro riders this country has ever produced — there is no question of this. He’s driven by a will to win and to prove any doubters wrong — although how anyone could doubt the guy’s ability is beyond us. He carries the burden of diabetes into battle but nothing, it seems, can slow Milner down. Challenge him and he’ll only push harder.

Now with two ISDE wins including one clearly beyond dispute even from the French, he has proven himself at the highest level. Dan tells us what the ISDE win meant to him and we talk about motivation, jelly beans and more.

How hectic is preparation for an ISDE?

Previous years have been harder. Especially in 2017 when we had to get a bike over there, so then we had to bring a heap of parts over, put them on the bike and then make sure it felt like it did here at home. This year we sent our own bike over and it made it so much easier having KTM Australia send the bike that I race here, so 2018 was the most organised I’ve been at a Six Day. It helped me so much knowing I was going over there organised and prepared. In previous years I’ve got second and we’ve had a bit of a shitshow running but I knew we were game-on in 2018.

How much gear do you pack for a Six Day?

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