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What makes you fit for a job and how can you increase your score? Three experts fact check for us.

A positive and never-say-die attitude are qualities that managers look for in candidates during the hiring process. The ability to multitask and learn and unlearn on the go and take lessons from failures is on the other side of the spectrum. Emotional intelligence (EI) is

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I Have Curbed Corruption in the State With an Iron Fist: Trivendra Singh Rawat
The BJP stormed into power in Uttarakhand in 2017, winning 56 of 70 seats in the state assembly. As you complete three years in office, what would be your mid-term analysis? A. The mandate was against the previous regime's corruption in matters relat
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Taking Stock Of Your MF Investments
Mutual fund investors are often unsure whether to opt for the dividend or growth option of their mutual fund investments. Many inexperienced investors go for the dividend option in the hope of getting some additional income. However, unlike shares, m
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Transparent Deception
Pakistan has refined the stratagem of the minimal satisfier to an art form. For decades, whenever it has been brought under extraordinary external pressure, it has quickly sought to project formal compliance on counter-terrorism parameters to escape