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The Daily Grind: Anti-Aging Regimens of Self Care and Self Love

The Daily Grind: Anti-Aging Regimens of Self Care and Self Love by Darnell Cox. Photograph of a hand with moisturizer cream on it by Ian Dooley
Photograph by Ian Dooley

Aging is inevitable, but with a proper routine of self-care, sprinkled in with some self-love, the process can be graceful and slowed considerably

Defying the aging process is a daily commitment.

Without a doubt, consistency is the key.

As I say to my clients: You wouldn’t wear sunscreen only one day per week and think that you are actually fully protecting your skin from the aging effects of the sun. Well, shocker… the same thing applies to exercise, eating well, meditating, sleeping sufficiently, and a skincare routine. It’s a daily grind of self-love! 

We don’t live in the futuristic world of the Jetsons, where you get on a conveyer belt, as you passively allow machines to not only brush your teeth and comb your hair, but also apply your anti-aging skincare, stand you on a treadmill for a designated amount of time, and with the press of a button, deliver you a perfectly proportioned organic meal. Not yet, folks! And until that time comes, it’s going to take some effort on your part. 

Most of us don’t get the proper amount of sleep required for optimum health. In a bustling world made even more chaotic thanks to the imposition of the internet and social media, our competitive drive

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