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Chance the Rapper Really, Really Loves 'The Lion King'

Toward the end of the 1994 blockbuster “The Lion King,” Simba, deep in the throes of an existential crisis, is reunited with the spirit of his dead father, Mufasa, who appears as an apparition in the starry night sky. “You have forgotten me,” Mufasa tells his son, before urging Simba to assume his rightful place on the throne of Pride Rock.

Of course, an entire generation of millennials has never forgotten Mufasa, whose death served as their earliest encounter with the notion of losing a parent. Among Mufasa’s biggest and most famous champions: Chance the Rapper (whose real name is Chancellor Bennett), an unabashed “Lion King” enthusiast who’s drawn visual and musical inspiration from the movie and its Broadway incarnation throughout his career. (Sample lyrics include “Call me Mr. Mufasa, I had to master stampedes”; “My pops in the mirror, Mufasa is in me.”)

“I always likened Mufasa to my dad,”

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