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November 1949: Untitled

There’s a fabulous sense of speed in this shot; the car almost looks like it’s bending around the corner. You can see the rear end starting to slide on a loose surface, the driver leaning into the corner, the front wheels cranked over to hopefully make it around that slippery, high-risk corner. Plus, the old Motor Trend logo is undeniably rad. Duncan Brady

June 1950:

What Is the Future Trend in Sports Cars?

One of our earliest covers is among the most effective, and it set a tone many others would follow. Despite its relative simplicity, it instantly captured my interest. No need for catchy headlines or splashy colors—the image of a car sliding across the desert floor represents pure, unadulterated motoring thrill. It says, “If this looks fun, you’ll like what’s inside this magazine.” Alex Leanse

April 1951: Tomorrow’s Atom Car!

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Reader on Location
This month’s Reader on Location is Brian Houts of Maple Grove, Minnesota, who brought us along on a cross-country ski trip. He says: “One of the few things you can do during a pandemic is be outside. I’ve been a cross-country skier for many years now