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Take Your ’Ship to the Next Level

You visit your gyno for your annual exam, eat healthy to avoid disease, and exercise to keep your body strong, but what do you do to nurture your relationship on a regular basis? Just a guess: not a whole lot.

“Most of us operate in crisis mode with our main connection, only giving it sincere attention when there’s a problem that needs fixing,” says Seth J. Gillihan, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Philadelphia. “But a bond is like a garden: Even when it’s doing well, weeds can grow and overtake it.” Which is before the thought of Splitsville ever comes up—deserves applause. The proactive approach can take a solidgold love to diamond-level strong. Here, the top five lessons for all…

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Jennifer H. Mieres, MD Professor of cardiology, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell; senior vice president, Center for Equity of Care, Northwell Health Mona Gohara, MD Associate clinical professor, department of dermatology, Yale School of
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About those massage guns everyone on your feed is pounding their muscles with: They’re totally legit. While tools like vibrating foam rollers “shake,” these devices “punch” your muscles, delivering rapid pulses known as percussion, says Richey. (Thin