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The chicken and the egg

Sit outdoors with a cuppa and observe your chooks going about their daily activities. They’re great DIY workers. They all have individual quirks and personalities and most lay a distinctly coloured and shaped egg.

With the breeding season imminent, how will you decide which eggs to set? You could set whatever is fresh and on hand or you could have a long hard look at the girls, acknowledging that some meet your requirements better than others.

What characteristics do you rate highly? My list for important characteristics includes a quiet, curious temperament, good health, freedom from physical defects, persistency in laying, good egg

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Cumquats are the smallest of the citrus clan but each little fruit’s sour but tangy flavour packs a punch. Neat, tidy and evergreen, they are also extremely ornamental, bedecked with golden fruit during winter when we’re in need of a bit of garden ch
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I blame Popeye. He was the one who popularised spinach as a superfood, creating ongoing confusion for Australian gardeners because here silverbeet is commonly called spinach and spinach is less well known. Gardeners can be forgiven for the confusion
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ome of our wildlife species have learned to adapt to urban areas and outer fringes and some have even thrived there. Many, unfortunately, have not. With knowledge, careful planning, understanding and consideration, every person in every backyard can