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Computer Calm: Tips for Staying Relaxed, Restored and Productive at Your Desk

Computer Calm: Tips for Staying Relaxed, Restored and Productive at Your Desk, by Betty Lockwood. Photograph of woman working at desk by Annie Spratt.
Photograph by Annie Spratt

Working at your computer can be stressful; here are several tips and tricks to help you stay energized, relaxed and productive at your work station

The latest technologies can help to make people’s life easier. But they also leave us seated at our office desks and chained us to various screens. A day full of important tasks and events can be especially stressful if you do not have the opportunity to take a full break. Here are a few simple tricks to help you relax at your computer:

Take a Break

No matter how strange it may sound, even a 20-second break will help you relax a

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