Woman, to me, stands on a somewhat elevated pedestal. I look to her for guidance and leadership in all phases of life pertaining to the inner self. In these aspects, she stands closer to the Light and is in closer connection with the source of all progress in this respect. This view, I believe, is shared by many other men. Today, the great majority of women no longer fit on this pedestal and do not receive the homage that such a position deserves. But even the present conditions cannot make us alter our opinion.

When women are present, most men will be courteous and polite because that is what is expected of them. But as soon they leave, and the men are by themselves, many men drop their false attitude and say things about women that are neither flattering nor respectful. It is saddening to listen to such conversation and the thought often arises that something must be wrong about the woman who is spoken of so disrespectfully. It also causes one to reflect on

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Paul Schmitt
A full-time clarinetist in an orchestra, Paul Schmitt’s lifelong quest to discover answers to seemingly unanswerable questions about human origin and existence, how the order of the world is organised, whether the cosmos arose by ‘chance’ or whether
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Conspiracy Theories, Conspiracy Myths, Enemy Images
A warning sign of a society that finds itself in a serious spiritual bind is the rapid spread of all possible and impossible conspiracy theories. Hardly any subject, no matter how grotesque, is exempt from an epidemic of misinformation. Current devel