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Can the Nike of China Go Global?

Beijing’s fight with the NBA is making headlines. But the real sports story in China is Anta’s bid to expand worldwide

Chinese President Xi Jinping is rarely seen wearing clothes with visible logos. So when a state television segment in 2017 showed him in the ski town of Zhangjiakou—a venue for the 2022 Winter Olympics—wearing the national team parka, investors were riveted by the insignia on his chest: the red logo of Anta Sports Products Ltd.

Was it just a show of support for the games? Or a tacit endorsement of Anta, China’s emerging challenger to Nike Inc. and Adidas AG? Investors have voted for the latter: Shares of the Fujian-based apparel company rose 8% over the next two days. Revenue is up 80% in the two and a half years since.

China is expected to surpass the U.S. this year as the world’s biggest

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