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Autumn Stew: A Recipe of Seasonal Foods, Folk Lore and Sustenance

Autumn Stew: A Recipe of Seasonal Foods, Folk Lore and Sustenance, by Christine Moss. Photograph of corn, beans and squash by Christine Moss.
All photographs by Christine Moss

A hearty autumn stew whipped up with a side of folk lore and love — connecting us to the sustenance on our plates with a new appreciation


Autumn is by far, my favorite time of year to eat. The warm sunlit days and chilly evenings stir a deep hunger within that is satiated by the abundance of amazing produce that is finally available. Not only is my belly happy, but all of my senses are in full joy mode. The colorful leaves are like stepping into a beautiful painting.

There is a faint hint of woodfire in the evening air. Warm, nutrient-dense foods keep our energy and spirits up. In this area of the Hudson Valley is a mountainous and forested region. The change from summer into autumn is magical. The history and lore of where we live is intertwined with the foods we are

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