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A double-edged sword

Porn can be an enabler or a disruptor. It's for you to corral it to serve your needs.

He was unable to get aroused. He found her unattractive. But he loved her and didn't want to end it. So he thought of a way out-get himself aroused beforehand and then come to bed. That way, he didn't have to face up to his own inadequacy.

She was always wanting different things. She found she was slacking into a sexless life. She would put on her DVDs and make the most of what

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Six Ambushes, Similar Stories
Maoists kill 75 CRPF personnel and a state police constable. Largest single-day loss of life in internal security. What went wrong: Officers did not know the terrain; troopers camped at a tribal village, revealing their numbers; returned by the same
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Rebuilding The World
The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a renewed distrust of public transport in its existing form. That’s where ‘Capsule for Automated Transit’ (CAT) comes in. “CAT, a prototype personal rapid transit, features automated pod vehicles operating on a net
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Vaccine Strategies Of Other Countries
Ensuring supply: Agreed to share health data of the vaccinated with Pfizer in return for enough vaccines Ensuring demand: Comprehensive local outreach helped overcome vaccine hesitancy Open to all: The vaccine is available to all over 16 Mass publ