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Neil Gaiman adapts his and Terry Pratchett’s beloved novel about an angel (Michael Sheen) and demon (David Tennant) who join forces to shut down the apocalypse. Who knew Armageddon could be so amusing? (Amazon Prime Video, May 31)


The actors, 48 and 50, talk to EW’s Devan Coggan about their divine (and demonic) new show

Michael, you play the bookshop-owning angel Aziraphale, and David, you’re the slippery demon Crowley. How does one tap into their inner angel or demon?

There’s not a lot of research you can do, I suppose. There aren’t people you can go and talk to who’ve experienced all of human history. [] But funnily enough, he and Aziraphale are almost the most human characters in the piece. They’re more human than the humans. That’s their curse: They’re enjoying what mankind has created and they don’t want to lose it. This is the world they’ve come to love and a world they’ve come to

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