Amateur Photographer

Viewpoint Nigel Atherton

When Michael Gove famously said that ‘people have had enough of experts' he was onto something – even though his quote was taken out of context. We live in the age of Google, where everyone can be their own expert. Don't know anything about quantum physics?Just Google it, read the first couple of search results and voilà. Sorry

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Fujifilm GFX100
THIS award recognises a product or technology that brings something new to the photographic market. With the GFX100, Fujifilm has made the world's first truly practical super-high resolution camera that can be readily taken out of the studio and used
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News Round-up
An image of a dispute between two mice on a London Tube station platform has won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Lumix People’s Choice award for 2019. The picture, named ‘Station squabble’, was taken by Bristol-based photographer Sam Rowley. Th
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Also Out Now
Runs until 19 April 2020, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford. Tuesday-Sunday, entrance free THE British Press Photographers Association Assignments exhibitions, which are held in galleries across the country each year, have always proved to be ext