Classic Dirt Bike


To hear AMC enthusiasts talk, or to come in halfway through a conversation, you could be forgiven for thinking household appliances were being discussed. Tellies are

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What Did Badger Do Next?
As newly crowned British champion, and with a successful business to look after plus a dicky shoulder to heal, it could be assumed Bryan Goss ditched the scrambles jeans and put on his business suit, or possibly chilled out… errr… no. First of all he
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Tiny Class Act
A few years ago a colleague who is not really au fait with the ins and outs of the dirt bike world, was incredulous at the thought that someone would build a great-looking motorcycle and then pit it against the filthiest conditions possible. I was eq
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A Works Ht3 In Your Shed
Ariel’s HT3 is probably one of the rarest production trials bikes ever produced. In his book Classic British Trials Bikes Don Morley suggests there were no more than 40 HT3s produced and, during my research for this piece, I have found nothing to dis