Marine Corps Video Included Only 6 Seconds of Women in 8-Minute Tribute

Current and former U.S. Marines rebuked Corps leaders. "The vitriol towards female Marines is at an all-time high right now and this video just shows it," said former Marine Sergeant Erin Kirk-Cuomo.
Invisible Women The Marine Corps’ annual birthday video included only six seconds of women in an eight-minute tribute.
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To celebrate the upcoming birthday of the U.S. Marines, the service's top brass sent around a special video message—and drew a barrage of criticism. Women service members are visible in roughly six seconds of the eight-minute video. 

Current and former Marines rebuked Marine Commandant General David H. Berger and Sergeant Major Troy E. Black, the top enlisted Marine, for the lack of inclusion and for a failure of leadership.

The backlash comes as the U.S. Marine Corps continues to wrestle with its internal culture in the wake of the Marines United scandal less than three years ago—when a male Marines-only Facebook group shared nude photos and obscene comments about women service members—and amid continuing battles over whether women should be allowed to serve in ground combat units which have historically been all-male.

"It is a self-indulgent 'love me and my grunts

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