All hail the Keanussance

e live in an era of both peak self-salesmanship and peak self-protection. Why be a real person, with glorious flaws as well as in which he provides the voice of charmingly insecure daredevil Duke Caboom, there’s thought behind everything he does: movement is acting, speaking is acting, listening is acting, just being is acting. But images of Reeves out in the world—being a regular person, maybe holding the hand of someone who’s dear to him—tell us even more about all the things we may be doing wrong and Reeves may be doing right. On the red carpet, in June, an interviewer asked how he felt about having been dubbed “the Internet’s boyfriend.” Unsurprisingly, this was the first he’d heard of it. “That’s wacky!” he said, smiling quietly, accepting the compliment graciously but also acknowledging its illusory nature. Memes are ephemeral, but we live in our own skin for a lifetime.

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