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Enduro is in a weird place. We produce the best riders in the world right here, but via a series that’s almost impossible to watch as a spectator (thank the moto gods for 6HD’s awesome video recaps). The enduro GPs are making an effort to bring the racing closer to the people but the majority of riders are far from household names. The World Enduro Super Series has the names and the crowds but is damn near a one-manufacturer race series.

But winning is winning, right? Milner, Sanders and Styke each deserve their titles in Australia no matter how many people saw it happen. At the time of writing this, Lettenbichler is topping a long list of amazing riders in the WESS while in the GPs, one manufacturer is doing a hell of a lot of winning and they aren’t orange, nor orange affiliated. It’s Beta, the wholly family-owned Italian company, which has been raking in world championships of late. Beta is a minnow in a sea of whales but has constantly been improving the product for consumers and its race team over the last few model iterations, and it now stands as a viable alternative instead of an exotic fringe-dweller.

The company’s production figures have risen steadily from 11,602 in 2014 to 21,214 in 2018, with a forecast of 22,300 in 2020. While the trials sector makes up 11 per cent of sales and

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Puddle Punter
I have a confession to make. I have an FMF pipe sitting in a box. It came not long after the 350 arrived. Normally I would ditch the stock pipe as soon as a package like that arrived, but I’m ashamed to say I haven’t yet utilised that wicked bolt-on.
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Mellross Joins Gibbs At The Cdr Yamaha Monster Energy Team
Hayden Mellross has slotted into the vacated seat at the CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team, joining Kirk Gibbs under the factory Yamaha awning. “Every kid that grows up racing dirtbikes in Australia has a dream to ride for the CDR Yamaha team, so it’s e