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(Avid Reader Press, January 2020), edited by Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, honors the centennial of the American Civil Liberties Union

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Poets & Writers2 мин. чтения
Poetic Lenses
FOR our fifteenth annual look at debut poetry, we chose ten poets whose first books struck us with their formal imagination, distinctive language, and deep attention to the world. The books, all published in 2019, inhabit a range of poetic modes. The
Poets & Writers2 мин. чтения
Camonghne Felix
No but wait you’re the water—from “Willing in the Orisha” HOW IT BEGAN: In my MFA program at Bard, Ann Lauterbach asked me, “Are you representing or presenting?” And I wanted to see if I could present Blackness both in theory and in practice without
Poets & Writers6 мин. чтения
Open the Book
WHEN I open a book, I open my life,” says artist Diane Samuels. “I find worlds to explore beyond my own. Doors open to experience solace and pleasure and joy.” Writers and readers the world over can surely relate to that feeling of escape that so oft