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Billie Eilish


says Billie Eilish, reflecting on her whirlwind 2019, the year the Los Angeles native transformed from a breakout singer-songwriter with a cult following to

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The Cold Opens
Season 6 kicked off in 2009 with the “Internet sensation of 2004.” Michael, Dwight and Andy have recently discovered parkour, or at least their version of it, which includes slightly opening the refrigerator, kicking the women’s bathroom door, riding
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King of Cringe
KRISTEN When it comes to cringe comedy, Darren, The Office is television’s undisputed champion. But we’re here to debate which Office episode is more wince-inducing: the agonizing “Dinner Party” (season 4) or the literally dreadful “Scott’s Tots” (se
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The Finale
WHEN THE TWO-PART FINALE OF The Office opens, a lot has changed. It’s been a while since the Dunder Mifflin documentary finally aired on PBS: Dwight (Rainn Wilson) has been successfully running the office, implementing some Japanese-inspired manageme