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There’s a holiday dedicated to it, a million poems about it, dozens of industries built around it, and no synonyms for it: . The four-letter word refers to perhaps the

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Le’go Of The Fraud
I will never forget the day my bestfriend, a physical therapist with a doctorate from NYU, called me after her first session with a big-deal international celeb(so maj, I can’t even spill the name). We were both super excited—this was monumental for
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4 Moves To Master For Muay Thai
Stand holding a jump rope. Swing rope in front of body and hop over. Continue swinging and hopping, moving two hops left, two right, two front, then two back. Keep moving for 3 minutes. Complete 3 sets, resting 30 seconds in between. Fast footwork an
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Priyanka Chopra
“You need to be happy to feel confident.” Growing up, I had very low self-esteem. I moved around a lot, and I always felt different. I was insecure into my 20s, unsure of who I was. That changed by the time I did my first Hollywood audition, for the