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OVER 40 years ago, a friend hobbled into my speed shop on crutches. His right foot was in a cast. He wasn’t very happy. As the story goes, he was finishing up his Race Hemi powered Belvedere and he ran out of bucks for a scattershield. Since he had all of the other parts ready, the car was temporarily assembled with a stock bellhousing. He figured everything would be peachy-keen with his clutchflite, especially for a

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Publisher’s PODIUM
THERE’S nothing like the raw power of an electric shock, or haymaker from left field to get your instant attention and this month there’s a couple of instances I’d like to espouse and expose. The first is the late STOP PRESS news from Kiwi Shipping’s
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HE was one of Hot Rodding’s true innovators, a man who didn’t follow trends and in many ways was the leader in most of them. He showed us that being different is the true essence of hot rodding. In the early years of the sport Jocko was involved with
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> 1 Rodder’s Breakfast at Larfin’ Tiger hosted by Hustlers R&C at Larfin’ Tiger Café, Seaview from 9 ‘til 11 am. > 1 Gas Guzzlers Breakfast at Caroline’s Boatshed Bar & Eatery 181 Somme Parade, Aramoho, Wanganui from 9 am. > 1 Street Drags hosted b