Artist's Palette



apply a coating of White directly to the paper. Three-quarters of the way down, I blend in a small amount of

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Artist's Palette3 мин. чтения
Geoff Smith, also known as ‘Speed’ and painting under the name of Speedline Art, spent his early years on his parents’ 4,000 acre farm – 70 miles inland from the town of Esperance on the Western Australia coast. His home town was a one-pub-post-offic
Artist's Palette3 мин. чтения
Addressing the Light Source
Some might say that John Murray’s current home at Lightning Ridge in New South Wales makes a dramatic contrast to his Melbourne birthplace – but it doubtless feeds his passion for the Outback landscape. John has a Diploma of Art, and he has always nu
Artist's Palette3 мин. чтения
The Pleasure of Creating
Although I have lived in Queensland for most of my life, I was born in Wagga Wagga where my father was in the Air Force. As children, my brother and I both loved to draw and ‘colour in’. I remember my mother keeping the plain white butchers’ paper so