Artist's Palette

Approach to Silverband Falls

My favourite palette is a large traditional wooden one that sits on a painting table among jars of brushes and mediums, and gets scraped off and cleaned with turps every few paintings. It is gradually becoming heavier with coats of paint residue, but I find that half dried out paint can be very useful at times.

Silverband Falls is a local landmark in Victoria’s Grampians just out of Halls Gap. What is amazing about this pretty little waterfall is that there is no pool of

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Natural History
I have always had a special interest in natural history – plants, animals and their landscapes – both artistically and scientifically. I grew up in Oxford where I took an Honours degree in Natural Science (Zoology). It was not very useful in terms of
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Feline Friend
To do the initial sketch, I create a scaled drawing of the subject on paper (working from photographs). I concentrate on key lines around the eyes, nose and ears. Getting these details correct now is essential to creating a real likeness to the subje
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Mary River Rocks
I keep my ‘outdoor’ set in a cheap plastic fisherman’s box – the kind with compartments used to keep hooks and lures. I pack the pastels in with cotton wool or rice, so the rougher the journey, the cleaner they get. I use all kinds from the softest U