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Hong Kong’s Protesters Finally Have (Some) Power

Newly elected representatives are among those trying to turn the demonstrations into a permanent prodemocracy movement.
Source: Nicolas Asfouri / AFP via Getty

HONG KONG—Prior to his second-ever district-council meeting last week, Napo Wong, elected just a couple of months ago, chatted with constituents who voiced concern for protesters arrested during recent demonstrations here. The residents who remembered Hong Kong’s wildly corrupt police force of decades ago worried about what might be happening to demonstrators once they were loaded onto vans or detained for processing, out of sight of onlookers and journalists. They suggested that Wong address the issue at the upcoming meeting.

Wong agreed, but before heading to the council offices, he stopped by a local market where his parents work as vegetable vendors. He wanted to ensure his questioning of the police would be memorable, so he procured a prop—a hunk of raw pork.

Later that day, as he sparred with Hong Kong Police Force Commissioner Chris Tang about allegations of police violence during ongoing demonstrations, Wong made his move, unpacking the meat from a red plastic for framing someone, but even without the linguistic explanation, his actions made clear his displeasure with the way officers have been treating protesters.

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