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There are few pieces of technology that excite us quite like drones. Though these unmanned ariel marvels aren’t new, it’s only now that we’re realizing their full potential across virtually every aspect of our lives, including entertainment, public services, travel, and distribution…


Over the past ten years, drones have transformed the film, television, and photography industries, unlocking new possibilities, cutting costs, and allowing directors to show off the world from above without relying on expensive cranes and machinery. And thanks to increasingly advanced technology, drones have the potential to become an even greater part of the entertainment industry than they are today, transforming the way we create content.

By attaching a camera to a drone, producers have more options than ever, filming from angles that would otherwise be difficult - or impossible - to achieve, thus providing viewers with more interesting forms of media, inspiring artists to create previously unthinkable art. In pre-production, drones are also used to help artists survey large areas to find the best shoot locations, saving time and money and allowing studios to plow more into actors and , whereas a drone can be provided for just $250 per hour, complete with a trained operator.

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