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The seabed is alive

n the other side of the glass – in a seawater filled tank illuminated by soft LED colours and fitted out with sand, pebbles and swaying aquatic plants – eyes stare. Gills flap. The tendrils on a

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While Lebanon has been mostly tourist-free in recent years, momentum is gathering in this ever-changing country, a place that – like Turkey – is a nexus point of the West and the Middle East. “For such a small country, Lebanon has so much to offer,”
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Eclipse Of The Heart
Who would have thought a submarine had a dress code? It’s one of the first things guests are informed of when they sign up for the underwater experience on Scenic Neptune, a six-passenger sub that explores the depths of the sea in search of marine li
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Hidden In Plain Sight
For decades, Sri Lanka has been hiding in plain sight. Years of uncertainty kept the country off travel itineraries, but 10 years after the end of its civil war and following the aftermath of the Easter bombings in early 2019, the country is moving f