Wonderful Wind

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Ready For The Woods
Coats, zippers, pockets, pockets,boots, boots, hoods.Bundle up, it’s cold today.We’re ready for the woods! Tromp, tromp, trail, trail,trees, trees, stream!Look at how our breath comes outin little puffs of steam.
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Guide For Caregivers .
1. Kim and Carrots: To enjoy a pull toy, your toddler must be able to walk steadily enough to look back at the toy without tumbling over. Pull toys are easy to make. A rubber teething ring tied to a 12” string makes a good handle. Tie the other end t
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Adélie Penguins
Every year, large groups of penguins leave the chilly sea to raise their chicks. They gather pebbles to build nests where the mothers can lay eggs. The parents take turns sitting on the nest to keep the eggs warm. Then the fuzzy chicks hatch. Hi, ba