Settling the World

Different ways have been tried to attract settlers to territories around the world.

To Siberia

Siberia is an area of more than 13 million miles in northern Asia. It contains mountains,

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I’m Number One!
They are loyal, brave, and smart. They are described as curious and alert. They take protecting their owners seriously. And they are highly capable of learning and obeying commands. “They” are German shepherds, the most popular breed of dogs in the 1
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Meg Chorlian, Editor John Hansen, Art Director Pat Murray, Designer Emily Cambias, Assistant Editor Stacey Lane Smith, Assistant Editor Ellen Bingham, Copy Editor and Proofreader Naomi Pasachoff, Editorial Consultant, Research Associate,
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Taking Flight
This month’s mystery hero is the subject of one of our country’s great unsolved mysteries. She became famous in the Roaring 20s, when Americans first began to follow her amazing career. Born in 1897 in Kansas, our young hero had an unusual childhoo