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“It is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all.”
— Ernest Shackleton

EXPLORER SIR ERNEST Shackleton was growing impatient. It had been four months since his ship, the Endurance, made its August 1, 1915, departure from London. He had planned only a brief stop at South Georgia, a desolate island eight hundred miles east of the tip of South America. But unusually heavy ice conditions in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea forced him to wait a month on South Georgia in hopes that conditions would improve. It was already December—midsummer in the Southern Hemisphere. Shackleton needed to set out for Antarctica during the summer’s long hours of sunlight. Waiting too long could jeopardize the entire expedition.

Twice, Antarctica’s brutal conditions had kept Shackleton from being first to reach the South Pole. He had come within one hundred miles of his goal, closer than anyone else, a few years earlier. But he had turned back to spare the lives of his men.

News that Roald Amundsen of Norway had reached the Pole

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The Letterbox
Dear Cricket magazine, I have a few questions: How do you get the stories and poems for your amazing magazines? Do authors just send them in and you accept or reject them? Or do you hire authors to write them? And do you get the artwork in the storie
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Fourth of July Smoothies
HERE’S A TASTY treat with three delicious layers that salute the red, white, and blue! 8 ounces blueberries8 ounces strawberries2 bananas3 cups milk1 cup half-and-half3/4 cup sugar1 tablespoon vanilla extract2 1/4 cups crushed ice (or 3 cups ice cub
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The Best Summer Night Is...
lying on a blanket in the crowded city park, watching with my friends as fireworks BOOM away the dark. Sparkling streamers —pop— —pop— —pop—yellow, blue, and white, then fall in glitter stitches through the starry quilt of night. ■