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his Rapala Skitter Pop has landed more bass for me than any other lure. Years ago, I was fishing the Mississippi when a monster smallmouth broke it off. Ten minutes later, I caught that same fish with the old Skitter Pop wedged in

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The 2020 Tackle Test
gear@outdoorlife.com Honesty is the best policy. When I ask someone what they think about a rod or reel, I want the good and the bad. A true answer comes with time. In a perfect world, you’d fish a piece of gear for an entire season before judging it
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The 200 Club
I RECENTLY HAD a conversation with a hunter who was telling me about the rifle he bought a couple of years ago. He said he’s put seven shots through it—four at the range to zero it, and another three on the three animals he’s killed with it. I think
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Current Perspectives
The visuals on land may have been different, but not the ones in the water. In every place we rowed on this small lake, there were weeds, weeds, and more weeds. Of course, it was the muskies in those weeds that my friend Joe Demalderis and I were aft