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f you’re a believer in urban legends, you may have already heard the one about how Hurricane Andrew’s widespread destruction in southern Florida in 1992 resulted in the invasion of Burmese pythons, iguanas, and a rogue’s gallery of other voracious reptiles and fish. Whether that’s fact, fiction, or something in between, what is undeniable is that a population of non-native fish species boomed, and has morphed from incidentally caught oddities into targeted trophies—at least among a slightly offbeat crowd. Although peacock bass were intentionally stocked by the

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Heads Up
hunting@outdoorlife.com Deer antlers confound us nearly as much as they fascinate and obsess us. As a population of hunters, we’re pretty good at quantifying them—the best of us guessing with surprising accuracy the inches of bone on a running buck a
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Strike A River-bottom Gobbler
When he gobbled, the morning was as black as the inside of a crow. He was across the river from the boat ramp where my hunting partner Jill and I had just launched. We were hunting new ground, public land surrounding a picturesque river in Missouri t
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Ice and snow crunch under our tires as we pull up to one of the most popular stretches of river in Wyoming. On any given spring day, this spot on the North Platte is shoulder-to-shoulder combat fishing in front of a small dam that releases water year