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Rob Andrews and his business partner Alan Hillman have been teaching foiling for a few years now, and one thing they’ve learned is we get better by sailing, not by swimming. Thus was the genesis of the F101, a craft with which they could teach the fundamentals of foiling—without the crash and burn. But it’s not just

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Sailing World
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Improving Impact and Abrasion Resistance
What is the difference between abrasion and impact? What materials hold up best against each of them? These questions often come up when talking about skid plates. Skid plates are a protective layer, typically on canoes and kayaks, that reinforces th
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Building Britannia
WHEN INEOS Team UK’s Britannia II was finished, boatbuilder Jason Carrington fully grasped the achievement of building not one, but two AC75s—easily the most complex sailboats he and his craftsmen have ever produced. To celebrate the milestone, he pr