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First Editions from Winners of the APR/Honickman First Book Prize

2016Heather Tone, Likenesses

selected by Nick Flynn

“ is an origin myth, in that it attempts to create the world by naming it. But it’s too late in the game to—something else. Or many somethings elses…. It happens in real time … as one thing transforms, word by word, into another thing. How we are transformed, reading them.” —Nick Flynn

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A Primer On Listening For Bird Species In Lady Bird Johnsongrove, Ca
It’s a brass class of penny-whistleson branches, the black oystercatcherpicked bark; hole struck in a plastic lidburnt by butane. Melted, stingingmissiles marking territory, terror’sa truck right through the base oftrees. Turn down the sound. Talk st
The American Poetry Review1 мин. чтения
Letters To The Editor
APR welcomes comments, criticism, and dialogue in response to work in the magazine. Authors of poems, essays, and other work will be given an opportunity to respond to letters scheduled for publication. Letters should be sent to: Letters to the Edito
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Two Poems
The sun is a disaster waiting to happen,The gypsy trombone player starts to blareLa Vie en Rose again, and Hello, Dolly.I turn Fairouz up not to have to listen. The gypsy trombone player starts to blare,today, and yesterday, at noon, at seven.I turn