The English Garden


No one has covered this area of garden history before. Why do you think that is?

That’s a question I’ve asked myself throughout this work. Garden history has developed as a branch of the history of garden design, and it just doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone to enquire about the money.

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Extended Family
For an English gardener 20 years ago the most notable members of the Plantaginaceae family were two weeds of lawns and paving cracks, the plantains: Plantago major with its broad ribbed leaves and spear-like flowers and Plantago lanceolata with its n
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Autumn GLORY
The winged spindle bears tiny orange fruits and foliage of vivid scarlet and crimson. Masses of pink bracts in early summer; come autumn, the leaves turn purple and red. Green, fan-shaped leaves turn yellow in autumn. “Ours is a good form with a ta
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Out Of The Blue
One of the UK’s rarest butterflies, extinct in Britain as of 1979, but since reintroduced at various sites, is now thriving at National Trust-owned Rodborough Common in Gloucestershire. A five-year grazing regime and programme of scrub control has le