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his building and exploring game not only allows players to give their creativity full rein, but it also provides a means of acquiring

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10 Best Examples Of Great Architecture On Xbox
When the brief is ‘make a futuristic city’, there are plenty of directions you can take. Neon? Maybe. Cyberpunk? Why not. But Mirror’s Edge’s stark, shimmering skyline is all about cleanliness and glass. What the game does so well is add details to w
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Resident Evil 3
ETA 3 APRIL There’s a character in side-mode Resident Evil: Resistance who’s called Martin Sandwich. Really Model Sasha Zotova has lent her likeness to the brand-new 2020 Jill Valentine If you thought Capcom’s STAR-Sobsessed Big Bad wasn’t scary enou
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The Most Important Rpgs On Xbox
The humble RPG comes in many shapes and sizes. Some are set in far-fetched fantasy kingdoms, others take place in our own po-faced world – we’re looking at you, Shenmue. Whether a role-player stars an inquisitive teen trying to avenge his dead pop, o