ome say that the world is divided into dog people and cat people. Having grown up with cats, I belong to the latter category. I recently learned that cats were domesticated relatively late

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ARCHAEOLOGY2 мин. чтения
Forging Wari Alliances
High atop a mountain in southern Peru, leaders at the remote administrative center of Cerro Baúl once entertained local elites with elaborate feasts that helped sustain the Wari Empire from about a.d. 600 to 1000. Central to these gatherings was the
ARCHAEOLOGY11 мин. чтенияPolitical Ideologies
Canada’s Forgotten Capital
IN THE LATE 1980S or early 1990s, Canadian politician Robert Kaplan was driving through upstate New York on his way from Toronto to his apartment in New York City. As he often did, he stopped to browse through the antiques at a flea market off the Ne
ARCHAEOLOGY2 мин. чтения
Desert Wine
In the Byzantine era, vinum Gazetum, or Gaza wine, was shipped from the port of Gaza throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. “Gaza wine was considered a sweet, white luxury wine, praised by poets and mentioned in travelers’ accounts,” says archaeobo