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8 – Carmen Barefield is a poet and writer living in Salem, Massachusetts. Her work can be found in Poetry Quarterly, Black Heart magazine and littledeathlit.

10 – Amy Barnes is a widely published US-based writer. She was longlisted for Bath Flash Fiction and Reflex Fiction competitions, and is a Fear No Lit finalist.

12 – C. M. Lindley is a creative director and writer living in Southern California. Her work can be found in Neccessary

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House Plants
Even though you knowThat the air outsideWould be enough to kill you,You still strain against the glass,Leaning towards the light. And it’s like our daysIn safety, but in shade,Are being replayedOn my kitchen windowsill. Sculptural, solid aloe vera.Ne
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Empress Matilda Flees Oxford
December 1142 The city is sleeping without eyelids,the army at its gate not seeing a womandrop out the castle like ballastwrapped in white:a cloak and a blizzard. She drifts under hornbeam and beech,dead branches with a canopy of ice,following the ri
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Wow, What A Day
As the wind picked up and howled between the bridge pylons, I bobbed about with the blue sky beyond me, like an over-inflated life ring at sea. I hummed as I readjusted my position and moved behind one of the pylons. What a day, wow! It must be 22 de