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6 – Sophie Lay is a creative writing student at the University of Gloucestershire, and has performed her work at the Cheltenham Literature Festival and Cheltenham Poetry Festival. Cultivate was inspired by her suspicion of rejuvenation and gentrification projects.

11 – Adam Day is an American poet and critic, and the recipient of a PEN Emerging Writers Award. Day’s poetry collection, Model of a City in Civil War, is published by Sarabande Books. is written in the voice of Donald Trump.

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An Ode To An Nahl
We know we are no differentfrom the honey bees.We too are creatures with wings of hope.In fact, every living thingis said to be in a state of worship. The miracle of it allbrings you to your knees.Does it not?Together a synchronised falling.We place
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The Painful Love And The Gratifying Hatred
I do the same thing every night. I climb the groaning stairs and head straight for the nursery. I change my little one and sing her the sweetest songs I can think of. When I rock her, my lullabies punctuated by the squeaks of my old wooden chair, I f
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The moment you see white as a colouryou see that everything is about race. Movies full of white peopleare about race.Social media pagesads search results and magazinesclassrooms governments neighbourhoodsoffices and leadership teamstourist attraction