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B.A. Paris

B.A. Paris is the author of four bestselling novels. Her debut, Behind Closed Doors , sold over a million copies, while her long-anticipated latest novel,

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Electric and plug-in cars now account for more than one in 10 vehicle registrations. This is great for the environment, but limited access to charging points is an issue. Joel Teague has a solution with Co Charger, an app that connects those who don’
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My Culture Diary
Watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. It is the best and most beautiful comedy. I’m not normally a binger – it’s only since being shut indoors a lot that I’ve actually sat down on my sofa at around seven o’clock with a G&T. Reading The Book of Joy – i
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They say you can’t be it if you don’t see it. Well, how about us? Yes, I’m talking about midlife women. They used to call us ‘women of a certain age’. What a horribly disparaging, belittling phrase. We know we’re older. We’re proud of it, actually. B