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e all remember the stories of Merlin, wizard of Arthurian tales who, since first appearing in fiction in the 1100s, has popped up in all kinds of modern media from comics to an eponymous Netflix series and strangely enough, as a character in Michael Bay’s. With a wave of our wands, we’ve conjured a guitar which showcases a different sort of magic, one that just happens to share a name with the famous enchanter.

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Talkbox mrs Smith
The moment it all started… “In the 1990s, I was kidnapped and held for ransom by a Norwegian death metal band, and I suffered Stockholm syndrome. I spent three months in a closet with nothing but a guitar and mastered the instrument to save my own li
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Five Minutes To… St Vincent
HEAD TO BANDLAB.COM/GUITAR FOR AUDIO EXAMPLES It’s all too tempting to take the safe option when writing riffs and solos. Just stick a pentatonic run here, slap a powerchord there and it’s job done. Annie Clark has never cared for the safe option, an
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