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Pen & Ink En Plein Air

Pen and ink is enjoying a revival these days, and drawing with pens in the field has never been easier. Whether you’re an urban sketcher or a nature artist, ink works well en plein air because it’s portable, quick-drying and doesn’t require setup and tear-down. There are excellent new tools out there for pen-and- ink artists to explore. If you like playing with

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Taking Sides
There are three standard viewpoints from which the artist may choose when establishing the pose of a portrait: front, profile and three-quarter. Each viewpoint affects the shapes, shadows, highlights and proportions of the head and the facial feature
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The paintings of Valerio D’Ospina project a stark and energetic splendor. His views of industrial scenes, shipyards, docks, trains and factories embrace spectacular, wide-angle perspectives, barren imagery and the gritty textures of rust and concrete
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Turning Inside Out
When the weather is warm and sunny, the urge to paint out-of-doors beckons the painter. This activity, however, often comes with certain risks, or at least, inconveniences. Bothersome insects, lack of shade, distance from civilization and its ameniti