Capper's Farmer

we’re looking for people who WANT TO WRITE CHILDREN’S BOOKS

“But am I good enough?”

My dream of writing professionally seemed impossible. I was raising three kids on a farm and I was filled with uncertainty. You may feel the way I did.

Then I saw an article like this one for the Institute of Children’s Literature, and I wanted to see if I had what it took. I took their writing assessment. I qualified, and started a rich one-on-one relationship with an

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Country Critters
Send us photos of your pets and livestock, and we just might feature them in a future issue of the magazine. ■ Be sure to identify the subjects in the photos, and include a few details, such as the age, breed, name, quirky habits, etc., of the animal
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Seasonal Beauty Products
HOME beauty is one of my passions, and DIY beauty is something I’ve done most of my life. The topic of natural and homemade beauty has never been more popular than it is right now, and there’s a massive increase in the number of people creating their
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U.S. Map Wall Hanging
■ Tape measure ■ Pencil ■ Circular saw or table saw ■ Projector or poster and outlined pattern of the United States ■ Marker ■ Jigsaw ■ Pallet wood or 2 furring strips, 1 inch by 4 inches by 8 feet ■ 1/4-inch plywood, 2 feet by 4 feet ■ Wood glue ■