Sweet treats at Sabato

Visit Sabato this Christmas for all your festive favourites including Flamigni and Fiasconaro panettone, Masoni panforte, Cudié catànies,

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In Season: Cherries
Cherries have long been admired for their seductive beauty, featuring in ancient and modern works of art, and in photographs, books and magazines, but it’s their rich, sweet, juicy flesh that gets cherry lovers rhapsodising. I love the way the glossy
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Kitchen Shelf
by Alice Zaslavsky, Murdoch Books, $70 One flick through this vibrant collection and you start to wonder why on earth we bother to eat anything BUT plants. The ‘force of nature’ (Nigella’s words) that is Alice Zaslavsky brings us this veritable Vogue
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Pretty In Pink
1.3-kilogram (approx) side of Big Glory Bay salmon, skin on, pin-boned CURE 4 teaspoons dill seeds1 tablespoon coriander seeds1 teaspoon aniseed (see Cook’s note)1 teaspoon black peppercorns⅓ cup each caster sugar and sea saltfinely grated zest 1 lar