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TREND: sleeping BEAUTY

there was once a firm divide between the products we used on our face and body for aesthetic purposes, and the sleep aids we employed to send us into dreamland each evening. But

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NEW Wave
the beach wave could be considered Instagram’s founding follicular trend – bouncy barrel curls tumbling over tanned shoulders were about as ubiquitous back then as denim cut-offs and wedge sneakers. But just as our social media habits have evolved, s
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Matte Obsession
Whether you’re looking to add some grit to freshly washed hair that hangs like spaghetti or bring life to third-day waves, a texture spray is your new best friend. These hybrid formulas sit between dry shampoo and light-hold hairspray, and some even
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Home Sweat Home
remember when Instagram felt like a veritable breeding ground for boutique fitness establishments? If you weren’t posting about your HIIT sessions at a cult health and fitness studio, a large portion of your virtual constituents likely were. Over the