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learn to SELF-SOOTHE

love the word self-care. It covers all manner of sins, doesn’t it? Cancelling Friday-night plans at the last minute to stay in. Eating peanut butter straight from the jar. Face masks. Bubble baths. Adding to cart with gleeful abandon. In many ways, it has become

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E Lle First Look
PHOTOGRAPHY by MICHAEL BRUNT Photography: Michael Brunt at Assembly Agency. Styling: Caroline Tran. Model: Holly Magson at Chadwick Models ■
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Xinja, Up, 86 400 – they might sound like energy drinks but they’re actually neobanks. That’s a digital-only bank that saves enough on branches and other traditional bank structures that it can offer great interest rates – even in times like this. An
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aren’t we all in need of a little whimsy right now? We want fashion that will keep our mind off things – pieces that are playful and joyful and serve no real practical function but to make us smile (and provide great fodder for a good mirror selfie o