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The Glory of Our Habits

t takes a habit. Or two or more to build the foundation of our lives. What we value forms our pillars-of-purpose that drive our “good” or “bad” habits.

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esperanza Magazine for Anxiety & Depression3 мин. чтенияSelf-Improvement
Redefining Masculinity
I’ve lived with depression and anxiety for a long time. From a young age, I’ve also lived with having to suppress these struggles and pretty much any emotion that didn’t seem “masculine.” This restraint grew into seething anger and resentment of peop
esperanza Magazine for Anxiety & Depression9 мин. чтенияSelf-Improvement
From Burnout to Balance
We’ve all heard of worker burnout; in fact, it’s recognized as an occupational hazard, especially in people-centered fields like health care and education. But increasingly we’re hearing of “parent burnout,” “creative burnout,” and more. All of this
esperanza Magazine for Anxiety & Depression6 мин. чтения
Matthew Tessner: From Worrying to Wellness
The faithful don’t experience mental health challenges. That was the message Matthew Tessnear received growing up in a small town in western North Carolina. “At least in our corner of the South, there’s definitely a strong stigma in the fundamentalis