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Lighten Up

I grew into my double digits in the 1980s, when consumerism was at an all-time high in our country. Although my family did not espouse the wasting of anything, the culture around us had a pull. I learned from TV that I needed more clothes, more jewelry, more friends, a bigger house, and a larger bank account, to name a few.

Though I was taught the fallacy of thinking “more”

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Tips for Everyday Wellness
Wearing your tracker every day yet short on motivation? For an extra boost of incentive, “gamify” your device by incorporating elements like points and rewards. A study from Penn Medicine revealed that with activity trackers, competition is the catal
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The Pet Effect: Purpose, Presence & Peace
Four years ago, when Monica Stampfl’s therapist recommended she get a dog to help with her depression, she didn’t know what to think. What she did know was that she spent the entirety of every session petting her therapist’s golden retriever—it made
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Mental Health Headlines
January 3, 2020, LONDON, United Kingdom—All 32 England Football Association (FA) Cup third-round ties from January 3 to 6 were to be delayed one minute as part of a campaign designed to promote mental health. The ‘Take a Minute’ initiative is a partn